About Braver Angels Michigan

Depolarizing the Mitten State



Why Braver Angels?

Braver Angels Michigan shares our mission and vision with the national movement.

Our Mission: Building a House United

Bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic.

Our Vision

An America with respectful embrace of political disagreements, where civic friendship flourishes and competing perspectives strengthen our nation. Embracing the values of respect, humility, honesty, and responsible citizenship, our goal is not to change people’s views of issues, but to change their views of each other.

What We Do

Depolarization Workshops & Events

Braver Angels Michigan supports organizers in our state to host experiential or skills-building workshops for reds and blues to connect respectfully with one another.


We connect with local state and federal representatives to engage them in the story of Braver Angels and advocate for engagement across the aisle.


Through media outreach, community presentations and engagement with nonprofits and busineses, we increase awareness around the cost of polarization and the solutions available to bring people back together.

A uniquely Michigan expression

Michigan is no stranger to the challenges of political polarization. As a “swing state,” we alternate between supporting a Republican or Democratic majority in elections both at the state and federal level. However, our state is also home to many independents and moderates on both sides of the political spectrum.

Braver Angels national was founded after the divisiveness of the 2016 election, and members from Michigan began joining shortly afterward. 

County results for 2020 presidential election. Wikipedia

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