Getting Involved in Michigan

Volunteer, advocate, support

Can I do this? Yes!

As an all grassroots organization, Braver Angels relies on regular community members to power the daily work of depolarization. Very few skills are needed to help – just a willingness to listen and a genuine interest in understanding the perceptions of others. All of us share in common that we want to see our communities, schools, churches or families relate better with one another.

Before volunteering, if you have not yet attended a workshop, we encourage you to try one out. There are many available, with virtual options, on the Braver Angels national website.

*link leads to Braver Angels national website

Ways to Volunteer


Braver Angels Moderators deliver content (in skills-based workshops), facilitate structured conversations (in experiential workshops) and lead a variety of well-tested exercises.

By establishing and enforcing workshop ground rules and following workshop designs, BA Moderators create an environment in which participants can explore challenging political topics and learn more about themselves and others.


Organizers form, lead, and work with teams to plan and produce Braver Angels workshops and other events.

Different from a moderator role, which is more focused on direct engagement with participants during a workshop, the organizer is responsible for handling logistics, venue, marketing and aligning resources to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Community Champions

If you’re not quite ready to jump into a volunteer role or still have questions, consider partnering with us to try a Braver Angels approach in your community.

Many of us got started because we were looking for a structured way to start healing for our family, church, school or community government. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to Get Started?

Reach out and one of our Michigan-based volunteers would love to guide you through the process of getting trained as a Moderator, Organizer or supporting volunteer for Michigan!