In today’s politically charged climate, families across the nation find themselves torn apart by disagreements at the dinner table. But on a recent stormy evening in Howell, MI, fourteen local community members braved the blowing wind and rain to take a proactive step to heal these divides.

Stacy Farrell, a member of Braver Angels in Michigan, witnessed the strain political division placed on her community. In response, she collaborated with the Howell Carnegie Public Library to host the “Family and Politics Workshop” on October 19. Maggie Bayless, a trained local moderator with Braver Angels stepped in to facilitate the flow of conversation.

The event offered participants valuable insights into the unique challenges of political disagreements within families. It also equipped them with strategies and skills to handle such differences constructively, ensuring they could preserve important family bonds while staying true to their values.

In a world often dominated by increasingly divisive discourse, this workshop in Howell provided a heartwarming reminder that amidst our differences, there’s always room for laughter and understanding.

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